ZapTelco Corporate Telephone Card Programs

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Low-cost, international calling for:

  • Government contractors
  • Multinational corporations
  • Expatriate workers
  • Overseas ministry workers
  • International Construction Firms
  • Third world country nationals (TCNs)

“Your quality of service is highly commendable and we will definitely inform other projects that may benefit from this type of agreement. The work force are all happy with the quality of calls that we have from ZapTelco.”

S.V., Bechtel International, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa project

The simple solution for allocating international calling time
to expatriate workers for personal calls.

Workers far away from family long to stay connected while on assignment. How do you provide hundreds or perhaps thousands of workers with a manageable, low-overhead, fair way to make these international calls on your company IP telephony equipment?

ZapTelCo has the solution, time tested at several multinational corporations and contractors that face this exact situation.

More about why the ZapTelco solution works

Is this for you?

Typically we hear from…

  • HR Directors
  • Site Managers
  • IT Managers
If it is your job to find practical ways to help hundreds of workers make international telephone calls… more

What problem does this solve?

Workers far from home need personal phone calls home. But we’re resource constrained. How do we keep workers connected in a fair, easy-to-manage, low-cost way?... more

What is the solution?

Paperless distribution to workers of individual prepaid “disposable” accounts used with your existing IP (Internet) phone systems. No billing issues. Little overhead. How this works is… more

Who is ZapTelco?

An Inc. 500 company, based in Chicago, with 7 years of experience in prepaid telecom solutions. With write-ups in the Wall Street Journal… more

How do I learn more?

Your program could be up and running in a week or two. Request the ZapTelco Fact Sheet. Call, email, or submit an online request… more