ZapTelco Corporate Telephone Card Programs

Why the ZapTelco Phone Home program works

The most talk time for your employees for the money. (employees save money)

Easiest to manage program for the company. (company saves money)

Easiest to use for the employee

  1. Works with your existing IP (Internet) phones with USA dial tone (ZapTelco can provide these phones if needed, to run on your existing high speed Internet in the area of service)
  2. User dials an 800 number or speed dial on the phone
  3. User enters unique disposable account number (PIN)
  4. The system announces how much money is left on the account.
  5. User dials the number they wish to call
  6. The system announces how many minutes are available to this destination based on the remaining balance.
  7. The system warns when there is 1 minute left, then the call is ended when the funds run out.
  8. No need to do anything but dispose of the account information at this point.

Easiest to distribute geographically to workers

No physical goods to ship or track. The individual disposable account information is contained on phone card images merged on to standard 8.11 x 11 office paper size, in secure PDF files, for electronic distribution to physical locations.

For example, you may have a remote employee store, and you can email the files, the local staff prints out, and they sell $5 face value phone cards at your store, with no cost or risks of physical shipping.

An alternative is to have them dispensed over the internet, an online store rather than an offline store. ZapTelco offers this, but introduces a major issue of collecting payment. Another option is to have the unique PIN merged onto employee pay stubs. Finally, ZapTelco can ship physical cards with scratch off pins.

Easiest to get account status to address worker questions on the spot

An online website contains a private, company branded PIN CHECK system so that at any time, a pin number may be checked in real time to see: status of pin (active, used up, or expired), balance on PIN, and specific call detail records for that individual pin including the date, time, length and destination number of calls dialed, and the cost of each call charged to the account. You can thwart employee deception or quickly troubleshoot when you have full information.

Easiest system to deploy

Easiest system to purchase and deliver

Wire funds to ZapTelco for the number of PINs needed for inventory

ZapTelco prepares emails a secure set of files already merged with active PINs, on the custom card artwork created for your program, compressed for easy email transfer, ready for electronic distribution to your physical distribution locations.

Features of the phone service itself

ZapTelco's phone service capable of handling 1 billion minutes per month, with redundant data centers in 3 states with NOC staff monitoring 24/7

Quality routes to over 230 countries using traditional PSTN (voice) carriers, and VOIP services where quality and costs are good. In other words, from the USA to the world we are using the most proven, reliable, way of connecting to 230 countries, the standard wired telephone system or VOIP, based on our service quality monitoring.

Service may include custom prompts during calls, multiple languages, one touch redial without re-entering information, auto announce dollar balance and minutes available. Rechargeable, no-pin options also available.

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