ZapTelco Corporate Telephone Card Programs

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If it is your job to find practical ways to help hundreds of workers make international telephone calls, then this may be your best solution.

Do you want to maintain your expatriate work force productivity and morale by offering your people a convenient, equitable, low cost way to call the people they care about most, while working far from them?

Do you want to accomplish this with a minimum of disruption to your current IT and telephony systems?

Then ZapTelco’s prepaid pin-based solution may be right for you.

Calling Destinations

This program is typically for calls that originate outside of the United States, in countries such as Africa or Iraq, for example. The calling destinations can be any of 230 countries that we have routes for, which is designed to cover the globe. We see many calls going to the Philippines, India, Turkey, Nepal, UK, Sri Lanka, and middle eastern countries.

Site Size

The ZapTelco solution is for organizations that have as few as ten, or as many as 10,000 workers far away from home with a need to make international telephone calls.

Internet and network

The ZapTelco Phone Home program uses both traditional and VoIP services to deliver services. But typically the phones at your site(s) will use the Internet to connect to our switching facilities in the United States.

A prerequisite then is availability of stable, high speed Internet bandwidth. Sometimes this is provided by satellite in remote areas. We can help assess the suitability of your current Internet service.

A voice telephone call requires about 30kb per second of bandwidth using a telephone connected to the Internet.

Generally the ZapTelco Phone Home program can “overlay” on top of your existing network infrastructure, and by making phones available during your off-peak business hours your existing capacity will suffice. Often we provide additional VoIP Cisco phones used for this purpose.


If you assume a typical USD $20 "calling budget" per month per worker, then the actual personal calling costs are $2,000 per month for each 100 workers making regular calls. Some companies sell this time to the workers via a company store at their cost. Others provide it as part of the overall compensation package.

The additional costs are the cost of the bandwidth and network support for the local VoIP phones, and the cost of any staff time to administer the program.

There are some one-time set-up costs, and one-time hardware expenses if you require additional VoIP phones or network switches.

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