ZapTelco Corporate Telephone Card Programs

What is the solution?

Born out of intense need for a service like this in the Iraq war comes the ZapTelco Phone Home™ program.

Paperless distribution to your site(s), then simple distribution to workers of individual prepaid “disposable” accounts used with your existing IP (Internet) phone systems. No billing issues. Little overhead. Equal access to telephones for workers, with each receiving a fixed amount of calling time for fairness.

Each worker gets a print out like this, customized with your company logo or message to add value, with the amount of money on the account that you designate. The account number is simply thrown away once depleted.

The rates on the plan are customized to offer the best possible rates to the countries your workers call most. You receive bulk purchase rates to get your workers the most minutes.

In addition, you will receive a branded, online page for instantly checking the status of any of the pins you have disbursed. You will see the call detail records, the remaining balance on the pin, and dates of use. This empowers your staff to resolve questions about the account on the spot.

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